Paysagement BBB Inc.: Your Landscaping Company on the Island of Montreal


Our landscaping company on the Island of Montreal is pleased to make its skilled landscapers available to you to provide various residential services, including exterior construction, landscaping, sod installation, and polymeric sand restoration. By taking your needs and constraints into consideration, we ensure to deliver personalized and tailor-made work.

By choosing Paysagement BBB Inc., your project is in good hands. Our team has a true passion for the trade and operates with seriousness and dynamism to guarantee you unparalleled quality services at competitive prices. So, do not hesitate to choose us for all your upcoming projects.

Projects that attest to our professionalism and expertise

The team at Paysagement BBB Inc. is ready to respond to provide you with various custom-designed services by our landscapers to meet all your needs.


Our landscaping company on the Island of Montreal offers you complete care with various services, including the installation of interlock pavers, pebbles and mulch installation, planting of all kinds, and the creation of flower beds.

Outdoor Construction

For all your construction projects to design and equip your outdoor space, we take care of the following work: excavation, earthworks, masonry, retaining walls, steps and staircases, as well as wooden patios.

Polymeric Sand

Maintain and revitalize your outdoor space by taking advantage of the ideal repair and restoration service offered by our landscaping company on the Island of Montreal. This service concerns the polymeric sand repair and stair covering.

Sod Laying

To add an aesthetic and elegant aspect to your outdoor space, we are ready to intervene and take care of all the necessary sod installation work. Our motivation is to achieve a neat and satisfying final result.

A versatile company that aims for your satisfaction

For all our residential clients, we are delighted to intervene in a relevant and fast manner to excel in our work as a landscaping company on the Island of Montreal. Our mission is to leverage our years of experience, confirmed knowledge, and skills to deliver comprehensive services.

By choosing to entrust your projects to us, we provide you with the versatility and reliability of our services. It is our duty, as a trusted ally, to use all available means to meet your needs and respond to any specific requests.

We are here to help

By using the services of Paysagement BBB Inc., you will have access to a wide range of services including landscaping and outdoor construction. This is where our landscaping company on the Island of Montreal comes in to ensure that each service provided exactly meets your criteria and expectations.

Therefore, you are invited to contact us to benefit from our professional work. You can either reach us by calling 438 504-8991, or by sending us an email via the online form. Whatever your request, we will make sure to provide you with a complete response.