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Sable polymère

To keep your outdoor space in good condition, our company Paysagement BBB Inc. is committed to providing you with impeccable polymeric sand service on the Island of Montreal. With the proven expertise of our landscapers, we are capable of responding to your request and delivering high-quality work that takes into account your needs and preferences.

All our services are carried out by experienced specialists and are the result of hard work and true professionalism. That is why we take pride in serving and satisfying our residential clients by making available all the resources we have.

Polymeric sand repair on the Island of Montreal

If you have opted for the installation of interlocking pavers, it is important to maintain it regularly as it faces different weather conditions on a daily basis. Rain, snow, sun, wind… all of these factors can cause degradation and deterioration of the state of your interlocking pavers. That is why it is important to proceed with restoration and repair of polymeric sand on the Island of Montreal promptly. This is in order to restore your pavement’s aesthetic appeal, shine, and initial color.

That being said, Paysagement BBB Inc. has the necessary equipment for successful pavement repair. To do so, we start by removing the interlocking pavers. Next, we proceed to level the existing foundation. After this step, we will reset the pavers and apply the polymeric sand between the joints for an effective and relevant restoration.

This is how we guarantee meticulous work and impeccable finishing in polymeric sand repair on the Island of Montreal and throughout the Greater Montreal area.

Stair covering

We take care of all the work involved in covering your stairs to renovate them or simply to add an appreciated aesthetic touch. We create a custom wood covering to add charm and extra protection to your stairs. This covering is ideal for protecting your stairs from degradation and the damaging effects of weather, while maintaining a luxurious and polished appearance.

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